Dr. Alex McGhee

Dr. Alex McGhee. Photo
Dr. Alex McGhee

Dr. Alex McGhee studied veterinary medicine at the University of Bristol. After graduation he worked in the Clinical Skills Lab at Bristol Vet School where he developed various models for teaching clinical skills to veterinary students. He maintains a relationship with the clinical skills lab and has travelled with the team to Bangladesh and Thailand to deliver workshops.

He then spent several years as a mixed practice vet in rural southwest England. Despite being in practice on the coast the closest he came to treating an ocean dwelling species was anaesthetising a cow that found itself trapped on a sea cliff as part of a rescue effort!

Dr. McGhee now works as a Business Intelligence Manager for Linnaeus, a Mars owned UK veterinary group. He manages a team of engineers and analysts responsible for taking data from across Linnaeus’s many primary care practices and referral hospitals and generating clinical and business insights. 

The Sea Turtle Rescue Alliance isn’t the first charity Dr. McGhee’s been proud to have supported. He was previously the Technology Executive of StreetVet, a UK charity providing free care to the pets of homeless people. Outside of work he is a keen runner and sailor although rather a lot of sanding and varnishing is currently standing between him and getting his boat in the water!

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